CSD Is Part Of The Valuable 500 Directory!

    We are happy to announce an exciting milestone for Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD)! Our mission at CSD has always been focused on working towards diversity, equity, and inclusion for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing community through various avenues. Part of these efforts include working with businesses and government agencies to address systemic barriers. Our inclusion in the Valuable 500 directory will allow us to work with even more companies and organizations to further our efforts in building an accessible and equitable world.  

    What is the Valuable 500 Directory? 

    The Valuable 500 is renowned for its commitment to promoting disability inclusion among global businesses. The directory has facilitated remarkable collaborations, such as the partnership between inclusive design specialists Studio Exception and esteemed Valuable 500 members: Sky, Spotify, and Jaguar Land Rover. A complete list of those companies on the list can be found here. Members of the Valuable 500 have direct access to resources, like CSD, to further their accessibility and inclusion efforts. CSD ‘s appointment to this directory provides major organizations easy access to resources that will allow them to take steps to be more inclusive to Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.  

    What Impact Will This Have? 

    Inclusion on the Valuable 500 directory signals to major organizations around the world that providing access to Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities is crucial in their work towards addressing disability inclusion. CSD will be spotlighted as a resource that companies can reach out to as they work to provide accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. We are optimistic about the collaborations and partnerships that will form as a result of being included in this directory as they will help us further advance our mission of breaking down communication barriers.  

    Our society is rapidly adapting as we strive to live in a more inclusive world. Resources such as the Valuable 500 directory show and signify the commitment to disability, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work. We must work collaboratively to make change happen and inclusion on this directory is a tremendous first step in starting these important partnerships. 

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