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Connect Direct can support your organization's efforts to create a successful call center program within your Customer Service Department to effectively communicate in American Sign Language with your Deaf customers.


Connect Direct Benefits

Direct communication can help ensure faster, more accurate results and resolutions. But that’s not all. There are multiple benefits to Connect Direct:

Creation of brand loyalty among customers through top-notch training, marketing, and support

Support for internal needs, such as technical support or human resources

Customized technology to fit your company’s needs

Recruitment, hiring, training, and retaining of Deaf employees who understand the Deaf community’s cultural and linguistic needs

Resolution of organizational hurdles among employees, such as training, in-house support, and much more

Leveraging communication in ASL, bringing in millions of potential customers

Reduction or elimination of language barriers and frustration

Increase in productivity by lowering call times as much as 42%

By hiring Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees, you demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity, cross-cultural communications, and inclusion.


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