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CSD is coming to the windy city!

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The future is one of infinite possibility. What is your purpose? What is our destiny?

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CSD is moving beyond communication access.

A lot has changed since it was founded over 40 years ago. With technological advancements, the world is now a much smaller place with an unprecedented connectivity among diverse people. The issue of access is fast becoming an afterthought; the new and upcoming generations are heralding the arrival of the culture of self-assertion. Now the question is, what resources do you need in order to assert yourself? The Spotlight Tour is about listening and learning from you. Our minds are open and ready. Let’s have a conversation.


We want to meet you and listen to your ideas on how to make this One World a better place. Let’s chat and join forces.

Going Beyond Inclusion

We’re looking to the future, going beyond inclusion towards #OneWorld where everyone is valued and contributes. To get there, we need you to get involved. Lets start a conversation and see what changes we can make together.

Meet the New, Bold CSD

We’re coming to your city to introduce the new, bold CSD. Our goal is to inspire and get inspired by a new generation of Deaf leaders. Our community is filled with people doing amazing things, people filled with new ideas about how to make our One World a better place. Let’s chat and join forces to increase our impact.

Your Input Matters

Your input matters! We’re here to listen. CSD has programs and resources that can help you along your path to success. Discover job opportunities and a new vision for the Deaf community.

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