Philip Bravin

Philip Bravin


Philip W. Bravin is currently vice president of business development at ZVRS. He has held various positions within the deaf community and in the corporate business community over the years, including a stint at CSD until July 2005. At CSD, he held a variety of executive positions in corporate research and development, marketing, broadcasting and business development, in addition to helping pioneer the development of CSD’s video relay service. 

Prior to joining CSD in 1999, Phil was president of Yes You Can, Inc., an organization specializing in enabling people with the latest technological advancements in addition to providing management, marketing and technical consulting to schools, nonprofit organizations and major corporations. He was formerly the president and chief executive officer of the National Captioning Institute (NCI)—at that time the largest provider of closed captioning services in the world. Prior to joining NCI, he worked for IBM Corporation for nearly 25 years in a variety of technical, marketing and management positions.  

He is currently president of the board of the Lexington School/Center for the Deaf in New York. He also serves on the board of Austine School for the Deaf (Vermont). He formerly served on the board of trustees at Gallaudet University for 20 years, in which capacity he served as chairman from 1988–93. He is currently trustee emeritus on the Gallaudet Board. 

Phil – who received a doctorate in humane letters from Gallaudet University – is often called on to make presentations all over the United States on how technology enhances the lives of people who are Deaf and hard of hearing, and offers consulting services to corporations and organizations from time to time. He is a member of the National Association of the Deaf and other organizations. He is a cancer survivor for 20 years and a co-patent holder for Patent No. 7333507 for a multi-modal communications system, which was awarded in 2008. He created and contributes to, a resource blog for the video relay industry. Privately, he loves to tinker with his computers and grabs every opportunity to ski on snow or play golf. 

A father of three grown Deaf children and grandfather of 12, Phil currently resides in Chester, Vermont with his wife Judith, a retired New York School for the Deaf librarian. 

Phil’s term runs from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021.  This is his second term.