Pat Myers

Pat Myers

President of CSD Global Contact Centers

I work with CSD because I believe in what CSD represents: Independence, respect, and equality for all. It’s not work if you love what you do!

I have the pleasure of providing direction and strategy on business development and customer relationship management for CSD’s Contact Centers and our Connect Direct service. Previously, I was Chief of Staff & Strategy at CSD, where I oversaw company goals and business development. I also work with the CSD board and maintain strategic relationships with customers and business partners.

Prior to CSD, I worked at the regulatory commission for the State of Kansas. While there I helped to establish the first ADA mandated Telecommunications Relay Service in the state. Immediately following, I went to work for Sprint Corporation to establish its TRS program. I was introduced to the CEO of CSD and CSD quickly became a part of Sprint’s go-to-market strategy. After 25 years, that strategic partnership continues today.

I attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Wichita State University and hold a BA/BS from the University of Kansas.