Dominic Lacy

Dominic Lacy

Chief Innovation Officer

I work with CSD because of the opportunities we are able to create for our community, a community rich in unity, diversity and life experiences. By leveraging the power of our community and the breadth of resources available through CSD, we seek to create a better world, a One World that we all share.

With this, I am focused on two main areas: I am working with our CSD Leadership to help shape our strategic initiatives and I lead the CSD Social Venture Fund. It is through these two areas of focus where we are able to bring innovation from within and out.

Prior to CSD, I spent 14 years with Accenture supporting Fortune 500 clients around the world, helping clients address some of their most pressing issues. My work helped with identifying value to drive improved competitiveness and growth, building a new Joint Venture, to helping clients understand impacts of new operating models led by disruptive technology (automation, machine learning, AI).

I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University.