Virtual Career Expo


Free Virtual Career Expo For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Texans

Join us on May, 2nd 2020 for an exciting career expo!


[Virtual Career Expo transcript with visual descriptions: An individual is seen on screen with long hair and a dark blue t-shirt on.]

Hey! Are you looking for work? Did you know that CSD Works is planning to host a job expo here in Austin, Texas? But it’s been canceled…

But wait! We had this idea of transitioning to a virtual career expo! By this, I mean that you’ll be able to connect remotely! This is for Texas residents only.

[B-roll is shown for the link:

Are you wondering what the expo has to offer? We have a long list of benefits! One, you won’t have to walk or drive to the expo! Two, you don’t have to download any apps.  Three, it’s also easy to get connected, you just click a link! Pretty impressive, right? Four, you’ll meet with amazing deaf presenters. Five, we’ll have prizes to give out through raffle drawings. Let me explain the expectations you’ll need to meet for your name to be entered!

There are five expectations. First, you’ve attended all seven courses. Check. Second, you registered before May 1st. Check. Third, you’ve met and greet with at least one of your potential employers. Check. Fourth, you’ve finished your pre and post surveys. That means there are two surveys for you to take. Check and check. Last but not least, you’ve submitted your work resume through the CSD Works website. If you’ve met all of these expectations, your name will be included in the drawing!

Six, you’d be able to log into a virtual presentation where they will explain instructions and provide a wealth of information in the form of videos and pictures. There’s so much cool stuff for you to learn! Seven, you’ll get to meet and interview with prospective employers who are looking for people with certain skills! Eight, we have so much more to offer plus it’s all free!

[B-roll shows how to register for the CSD Works Virtual Career Expo.]

If you’re still looking for a job, they have everything you need. They provide training so you can learn how to improve your interviewing skills, resume, your professional approach, and much more. Those who are disabled are also welcome and we have more information to share!

[B-roll shows more resources on the website.]

So, when will this be? Saturday, May 2nd. What time? 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. If you’re wondering where you can get started, grab the chance to register now. Register online, and after you’re done, you’ll be given a link that allows you to access the expo. Come and get registered now!

[On screen text: Register by May 1]

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