Leadership Series: Dom Lacy


Dom Lacy is CSD’s Chief Innovation Officer and leads the Social Venture Fund team. A driven, solution-oriented deaf professional, Dom is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and spent 14 years at Accenture before coming to CSD.

Dom’s vision as CIO is to use the diverse skills and talent of the deaf community to shape the world. He believes in focusing on strengths and building bridges, and that investing in deaf-owned and deaf-led businesses is the one of the best ways to ensure the success of the deaf community.

“My vision as the CIO is how we can bring the skills and the talent, from the deaf community to help shape changes in our society, in this world,” Dom said. “We have to think how we can really influence and have an impact through our products, services, and technology to make this world a better place.”

In this video, Dom shares how his father, a deaf engineer, taught him the value of hustle and weathering changes, including job changes and surviving layoffs. Viewers will also learn how Dom’s academic and professional experiences helped shape his vision for the future of CSD and the SVF.

“I’ve had many people who believed in me. Many of them have inspired me; many of them invested in me because they saw hope,” Dom said. “I do what I do for our community because I see hope. I see success.”

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