CSD to Present at SXSW 2020


CSD Presenting at SXSW 2020

In 2020, attendees of South By South West (SXSW) 2020 events will have the opportunity to learn from two, that’s right two, groups of CSD presenters. This March, members of our CSD Learns and CSD National teams will head to Austin, TX to present to those attending the conference, which is known for its creativity and innovation.

Chris Soukup raising his hands in applause

Deaf Entrepreneurs: Stories that Change Perception

CEO of CSD, Chris Soukup will give the presentation “Deaf Entrepreneurs: Stories that Change Perception.” In which he will give attendees an inside look at the nation’s first venture fund for deaf owned and operated businesses. With this presentation, CSD hopes to broaden how society thinks about and defines entrepreneurship, diversity, leadership and what investment means. 

Just Like Me: The Importance of Role Models

Brian Milburn and Mei Kennedy of CSD Learns will also travel to Austin to present “Just Like Me: The Importance of Role Models” at SXSW EDU, which is held March 8th-12th. The pair will share how important representation is in education, and how oftentimes deaf and hard of hearing students aren’t exposed to deaf and hard of hearing role models.

Throughout this presentation, attendees will learn how they, too, can improve educational success and empower students nationwide. 

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