#StayAtHome: Freeze Your Food


#StayAtHome: Cooking Videos in ASL

Over the past month we have undergone a significant amount of lifestyle changes. Principle of which has been our eating habits. Before the Coronavirus became a global pandemic, Americans ate out an average nearly 5 times a week. With restaurants closing their doors to diners, millions of people are having to use their kitchens more often to make homecooked meals – a daunting prospect for the 33% of Americans intimidated by cooking utensils

Fear surrounding the virus has resulted in a decrease in takeout and delivery orders as more people focus on cooking at home. However, cooking for a small or large household can be exhausting. Some households may be required to make frequent trips to the grocery store or ramp up their grocery delivery because food is consumed at a faster rate at home.

Before you hit “purchase” on your delivery, think about how you can maximize your meals to make them last longer. This will not only reduce the amount of ordering you do; it will also reduce the amount of food taken off the shelves which will help others who are vulnerable. Consider making freezable meals that can be eaten over the course of the week. You can meal prep beforehand to calculate the serving sizes and make sure you have all the ingredients necessary to make your meal last.  

Meal prepping involves making a large quantity of food to eat over several days. This cuts down the time you must spend in the kitchen and makes allows you to eat more consistently throughout the week. There are plenty of recipes you can meal prep or freeze that fits your dietary and nutritional needs. If you have a household that’s larger than 2 people, consider recipes with larger serving sizes and prepare accordingly. Make sure you have plenty of food storage items such as Tupperware or Ziplock bags.  

If you aren’t as savvy in the kitchen and are looking for some cooking videos in ASL, we’ve found a few. Here are some sweet and savory recipes by deaf chefs to consider trying out:

Illustration of a turkey

Savory Cooking Videos in ASL

Illustration of a cinnamon roll

Sweet Cooking Videos in ASL

Cooking videos in ASL are few and far between. We appreciate the deaf home cooks and professional chefs that share their recipes with us online. If you know of other cooks and videos in ASL, let us know. If you cook at home often, create a video and share it with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by tagging @ThisIsCSD.  

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