Partnership With CaptionAccess

Partnership With CaptionAccess
August 26, 2015 CSD
Caption Access

Over the last 40 years, CSD has worked hard to identify emerging industry leaders in the deaf and hard of hearing community, and partner with these providers in delivering essential services to our community!

As such, CSD is proud to announce an official partnership with CaptionAccess, a deaf-owned, full-service captioning agency based out of Chicago, Illinois. The founder and CEO of CaptionAccess, Bill Graham, has been a longtime provider of CART and hybrid (TypeWell/C-Print) captioning services to CSD staff, and we are happy to say that the outstanding services of his company are now available to all CSD customers and partners nationwide.

After becoming deaf at 25 years of age, Bill has dedicated his personal and professional life to bringing universal communication access to all hard of hearing and deaf individuals. In addition to founding CaptionAccess, Bill is the co-founder of Association for Late Deafened Adults (ALDA) and currently serves on the board of the Chicago Hearing Society.


As a deaf-owned and operated captioning agency, CaptionAccess is thrilled to partner with CSD, one of the premier deaf-owned and operated companies in the world. We have had a wonderful relationship with CSD from the time we started working together a few years ago. Our objectives are the same: to provide deaf people with the best possible services, in this case access to communication. We are just as pleased that CSD has expanded its efforts to serve deafened and hard of hearing people. Brian Jensen, CSD’s director of emerging markets, is a unique individual with the drive, creativity and insight to make CSD a leader in the captioning industry. CaptionAccess is proud to play a part in these efforts and contribute to CSD’s success.

— Bill Graham


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