Weekly Coronavirus Updates


Educational Videos from Partners’ in Deaf Health

Earlier this year, Partners in Deaf Health received a micro-grant from CSD Unites to create educational videos in ASL about Coronavirus. In their second series, health professionals answer questions like, “What does a Coronavirus test look like,” and “When will there be a vaccine?”

Keep reading to watch the videos they’ve already created, and make sure to follow them on Facebook to see the videos the day that they come out!

Should We Reopen?

In their first weekly video, Dr. IV of Partners in Deaf Health discusses whether or not we are ready to reopen and go back to “normal.” Over the course of this video Dr. IV covers:

  • Where we are in terms of wave one and two
  • The concept of infectivity
  • Regulations that will help us reopen safely


Can You Socialize With Others?

With more states changing their restrictions on social gatherings it’s important we know how to do so safely. In this weekly video, Dr. Farovitch explains:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on mental health
  • What a social bubble is, and how to make one
  • Activities you can safely participate in within your social bubble


When Will There be a Coronavirus Vaccine?

A lot of experts and politicians are weighing in on when they think we’ll have a vaccine for COVID-19. This week, Dr. Panko explains:

  • What a vaccine is, and why we need them
  • The steps that need to be taken to create a vaccine
  • What herd immunity is and how it helps keep us safe

In her video, she mentions New York Times’ Vaccine Tracker, which can be found here. 

What Does Coronavirus Testing Look Like?

This week, Dr. Rotoli and Dr. IV demonstrate a coronavirus test for all to see. In this video they also discuss:

  • The equipment used to complete a test
  • The procedures used in the test
  • How it feels to get a test done


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