Career Vlogs for Deaf Job Seekers


Introducing CSD Works Career Vlogs for Deaf Job Seekers

Whether you are launching your career or are in a period of transition, you can find quality content covering topics focused on finding, preparing for and guiding you to the career you want with the CSD Works Career Vlog Series.

Tune in to the CSD Neighborhood Facebook page on the dates listed below to learn from experts on career-related topics.  

Claire Labry

“CSD Neighborhood is excited to introduce many of the vital members that make up our department,” said Claire Labry, Community Support Specialist. “Our members are experts on career preparedness and will be sharing best practices on how best to navigate the job market.” Read on to see a few of the topics that will be covered – and when! 

Transitioning from SSI/SSDI to Work  

If you are someone that relies on SSI or SSDI as your primary source of income, job hunting can be a daunting task. Fear of underemployment and loss of one’s primary support are two of the biggest obstacles to those seeking work. There are many benefits, however, to having an income that you can use to make investments, retire from, secure healthcare and build assets. 

Learn about the benefits of having an income on:  

February 20th

Benefits of Having an Income: INVESTMENT

March 19th

Benefits of Having an Income:  RETIREMENT

April 16th

Benefits of Having an Income: HEALTHCARE 

May 21st

Benefits of Having an Income: ASSETS 

Get Your Career Back on Track 

Perhaps you’ve been stuck at one job for a long period of time and are craving change. Perhaps you have been out of the workforce for a while due to injury or child-reading purposes. Whatever your background may be, it is never too late to gain new skills and re-enter the workforce. If you need an extra boost of courage to change careers, are looking to advance professionally or seek advice on how to handle workplace discrimination, tune in on:  

June 18th

Finding Courage to Change Careers

July 16th

How to Advance in Your Career 

August 20th

How to Overcome Workplace Discrimination 

Gain Job-Ready Skills 

Communication, critical thinking, leadership, positive attitudes, teamwork and strong work ethics are just a few of the soft skills needed to thrive in the workplace. Sometimes working with certain colleagues or pressure from one’s superior can be challenging and require us to use soft skills to address these problems. Additionally, being able to talk about these skills in an interview requires preparation. Gain situational advice and applicable tips regarding these skills on: 

September 17th

How to Utilize your Soft Skills in Different Situations 

October 15th

How to Prepare for an Interview 

Don’t Miss Out on Career Resources

CSD Works is committed to providing you with access to job-seeking experts so that you can thrive in the workplace. Mark your calendars and follow CSD Neighborhood on social media or fill out this form to get these vlogs to your inbox! If you have any questions or suggestions for topics you want to hear about, comment on our Facebook page or visit our website to chat with a representative. You can also call us on VP at 512-859-3259.  

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