Michael McLaurin Joins CSD's Board of Directors


McLaurin brings valuable insights and financial and healthcare experience to further propel CSD to success.

Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) is excited to welcome Michael McLaurin to their Board of Directors. McLaurin brings more than 14 years of experience as an accountant, CPA, and certified finance specialist in healthcare to CSD. McLaurin also brings his experience as a community advocate and leader.  

Michael McLaurin

McLaurin graduated from Texas Tech University with BBAs in Management and Marketing and earned a master’s in accounting from the University of Mississippi. As a CPA, McLaurin has a deep appreciation for finance and is currently the Director of Accounting at Texas Health Resources. 

“I look forward to using my expertise and leadership skills to make a contribution to CSD’s programs,” said McLaurin. “I am excited to support CSD in creating a better world for Deaf and hard of hearing people. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet impactful leaders and to continue the rich history of change and growth of this Deaf-led organization to make an even stronger social impact.” 

“With CSD’s new healthcare services plan, Michael will be a great resource,” said CSD CEO Chris Soukup. “We look forward to his support across all CSD companies and community-focused programs.” 

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