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Free Financial Literacy Tour: Workshops in ASL

In early December, CSD Learns completed their 3-day Financial Literacy Tour in Rochester, NY. Throughout the three days, financial guru Mark Apodaca gave five separate financial education workshops presented in American Sign Language (ASL) to RIT/NTID students, faculty, staff and the surrounding deaf and hard of hearing community. 

Mark Apodaca has been in the finance profession for nearly 42 years.  During the four decades in finance, he has worked in corporate, nonprofit, government, and higher education. 

In addition to his professional pursuits, Mark also has a deep interest in Personal Financial Planning – and because of a great need to combat personal financial illiteracy within the deaf community, he formed the National Institute of Financial Literacy for the Deaf, Inc. and DEAFinance, LLC to provide PFP resources and workshops. 

This passion is why he partnered with CSD Learns to provide free workshops in ASL to the Rochester community. 

“One of the main reasons I give workshops on Personal Finance to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community is because this is an important field which helps Deaf and Hard of Hearing prepare for their financial future and when you have a careful personal financial plan in place, you are able to have a peace of mind,” Mark explained. 

Mark presented on a variety of topics while in Rochester, including managing your finances during, and after college, planning for retirement, maximizing your benefits, budgeting, taxes, investing and more. He tailored his presentations to fit a variety of audiences: college professors and students, community members, and young deaf professionals. The 65 attendees were given ample time to discuss their questions and concerns throughout the tour. 

“With 65 attendees across five separate events, Mark was able to give people the individual attention and specific information they needed to improve their financial know-how,” explained Program Manager, Brian Milburn. “Creating these strong financial foundations will ensure future success and stability amongst the deaf community.” 

CSD Learns looks forward to providing more opportunities like these for the deaf community. Over the next few months CSD Learns will be providing multiple financial education webinars in ASL through their partnership with General Motors and their Hands on Banking program.  

Next week, CSD Learns will be hosting How to Build a Secure Future – a financial education webinar in ASL, featuring Mark Apodaca. Register today. 



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