10 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day 2020


10 Fathers Day Activities

The time has come to celebrate the father figures in our lives. While Father’s Day this year may look a bit different, you can still have an epic celebration even at a social distance. Our recommendation: ditch the power tool giftset and DIY it!  

We know not everyone can be with their father-figures on Father’s Day, especially this year. Whatever the reason, if you’re missing your dad, grandpa, uncle or brother, keep reading. We’ve provided a wide range of recommendations for ways that you can recognize and celebrate the father-figures that are important to you. 

Video Camera

For the Podcast-loving Dad: create a special podcast or vodcast for your father to tune into. Share your favorite memories together or host a roast of his worst #dadjokes.


Dads are winning at Tik Tok! The viral family photo recreation challenge has taken over the internet. Here’s how you can participate. Step 1: Grab a photo from the family album. Step 2: Recreate the moment. Step 3: Watch your dad smile. Check out this Tik Tok compilation for ideas.  


Give Dad a day off. Take over his responsibilities and let him relax. Take out the trash? Check. Mow the lawn? Check. Wash the car? Check. But whatever you do, don’t touch the grill. 


Bring the bar home. Show off your bartending skills with these Dad-Approved cocktails or make your own craft beer together.


Dad, act your age! Adults over 65 must self-quarantine more than any other group. But isolation doesn’t mean you can’t hang out! Have a window party – play window games to play like tic tac toe, or drink the beer you made… hope it’s good!

Screen and a map

If you’re both foodies, curate a menu that can’t be beat from bonappetit.com. From appetizers to aperitifs, you can’t go wrong with planning a hearty and heartfelt meal.

Screen and a map

Your dad the outdoorsy type? The National Parks Foundation is offering free online tours. For a more global experience, take a virtual trip to these 5 UNESCO Heritage sites online.


Game on! Bust out the board games and puzzles, or play virtually on your phone or via Zoom. Check out our previous blog on ways to stay connected virtually for more ideas.


Make a donation in their name. Show how much you care about the lessons they taught you by contributing to causes that matter to them. If you don’t know where to begin, check out this how-to on finding causes to donate to.  


Father’s Day without your father-figure is difficult. You can still have a meaningful Father’s Day by doing things that would make them happy. Go for a walk in the woods, meditate, or take up a hobby they loved. Check out this article for ways to get through the holiday if it’s a tough time of year.  

How do you plan to honor the father figures in your life? Comment on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages @thisiscsd and let us know how you plan to celebrate Father’s Day.  

We want to know – how do you plan to honor the mother figures in your life? Comment on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages @thisiscsd and let us know how you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day.

What About Mother’s Day?

We have activities for that too!

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