Deaf Women's Herstory


It’s Women’s Herstory Month!

That’s right – in March, people across the globe will be observing a period of reflection and celebration lasting all month long for deaf women’s history. This is because although women make up half of the world’s population, in many parts of the world, women continue to struggle with unequal systems and disadvantages because of their gender.

Established in 1982 as “Women’s History Week,” congress eventually graduated the national celebrations to a month-long affair in 1987 due to petitioning by the National Women’s History Project. From then on, Presidents Clinton to Obama has annually reaffirmed March 1- 31 as National Women’s History Month.

Deaf Women’s History deserves to be in the spotlight too  

One arena of women’s history that you may not see as often but want to know more about is deaf women’s history. Luckily for you, there are several social media accounts that are highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of deaf women in our communities. Follow the accounts below to catch the tea! #DeafWomenHerstoryMonth2020   

Deaf Women United

Deaf Women United (ig: @deafwomenunited) is spotlighting amazing deaf female leaders within the community. Founded in 1985, DWU is a national organization dedicated to serving Deaf women by providing resources that connect these women to the empowerment of self and others through advocacy, education, and outreach. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to catch their series #DWHM2020 celebrating deaf women’s history month.

Deaf Women of Color

Deaf Women of Color (ig: @deafwomenofcolor) is rebooting their Overlooked Gems series, where they spotlight deaf women of color who go unrecognized for their contributions to our communities. Tune in to pictures of the deaf women’s history series on Instagram, and Twitter and videos on Facebook or YouTube using the #DWCOverlookedGems2020.    

National Association of the Deaf

National Association of the Deaf (ig: @nad1880) is collecting postings from the community to share with the wider NAD audience for deaf women’s history month. You might catch some familiar content, but you also might be pleasantly surprised with their pieces on deaf women’s history. Follow NAD for more. #DeafandLoud.

Educate yourself and others about #WomensHerstoryMonth

We should not forget about the dope deaf women that have paved the way for the women we see spotlighted during deaf women’s history month. We encourage you to share the articles, books, and videos you see to help push forward dialogue around deaf women’s stories. Take a look at the resources below to learn more about the trailblazers from the past.

1. Lydia Callais’ article in the Huffington Post entitled “Deaf Women History Is Something to Celebrate.

2. No FOMO, watch this video of the grand opening of Gallaudet’s Deaf HerStory museum exhibit from 2015.

3. For the educators out there, here is a list of recommended classroom resources to teach your students about this subject.

4. Read this article by Deaf Niche on Top 10 Deaf Women in History You Need to Know About For International Women’s Day

5. Helen Keller wasn’t the only DeafBlind female trailblazer, check out Footsteps to Inspire Us: Women Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Blind and Low Vision, and Deaf-Blind by Cindy Camo to learn of more!

6. If you’re taking a Women’s Studies course, consider citing Arlene Kelley’s article Deaf HERstory: Making Strides from the Sign Language Studies Journal, which is available to read for free online.

7. Support Deaf female authors Brenda Jo Brueggemann and Susan Burch who co-wrote Women and Deafness: Double Visions which is available from the Gallaudet University Press

8. FemTechLeaders compiled a top 10 list of famous Deaf Women – check it out.

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a United Nations designated day of action that aims to celebrate women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias, and encourage people to take action for equality. This year’s theme is “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.”

Learn more here. Join us in adding deaf women’s voices to this cause. #womenshistorymonth #generationequality #womenshistory  

Let us know: What you would do to help push for gender equality where you live?    

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