CSD Unites Co-Hosts Pan African Reception at Gallaudet

CSD Unites Co-Hosts Pan African Reception at Gallaudet
November 27, 2018 CSD

CSD Unites co-hosted an event celebrating the diversity and leadership of the African diaspora. Attendees watched presentations from individuals representing the mother continent and its diaspora. The fantastic presentations educated us about the status of Deaf folks in specific regions and encouraged intellectual discourse on doable and sustainable solutions.

Event presenters included Isidore Niyongabo, founder of International Deaf Education, Advocacy and Leadership (IDEAL). Originally from Burundi, Niyongabo shared his passion for advocacy on his mission for access to education and a better quality of life for Deaf children and youth in sub-saharan Africa and globally through IDEAL.

Kriston Pumphrey, the newly hired program manager of CSD Unites, brings his energy and passion to further the program’s impact. CSD Unites’ mission is to use equity and social justice principles to support issue-based mobilization in the Deaf, Deaf Blind, Deaf Disabled, Hard of Hearing, and CI-using community to address crucial needs, and enhance the current work of organizations and stakeholders in the community through capacity building.

Pumphrey is excited and motivated about the future of the program: “It is my hope to continue to identify individuals and organizations that align with the focus of CSD Unites.  By creating and holding space, we can welcome others to participate, to share their thoughts and engage. I believe that when we do the work to build real relationships, we truly become stronger together. Rather than just being mere recipients of services and grants, communities need to take the lead in the development process by identifying and exchanging resources. Only communities know their local conditions and issues and they are best placed to decide what their priorities are.”

The event was an amazing opportunity to connect and collaborate. Through making these in-person connections, we increase our collective knowledge and skills, building capacity and strength within our Deaf communities worldwide. We are so grateful to all who attended. Special thanks to fellow cohosts, Gallaudet’s ASL & Deaf Studies Department as well as Gallaudet President Office’s sponsorship in making this event possible!

If your organization wants to join in Unites’ work, we want to know about it! Please contact us at