Financial Course in ASL for Deaf Learners


Financial Courses in ASL

Knowledge is power. Even if you don’t have any debt yet, learning about debt gives you a powerful place to begin to work on maintaining financial stability.  

CSDLearns is providing a NEW course called “Dealing with Debt” about how debt and credit work. Based on Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking® program, this class features instruction in American Sign Language, English voiceovers, and the option of either English or Spanish captions.

Enroll in the #CSDLearns course “Dealing with Debt” today. You can learn in ASL and get the information you need to maintain your financial health. Watch this short teachable moment to get an idea about what you’ll learn when you enroll in the full-length course.

What is CSD Learns?

CSD Learns is a program that creates innovative, platform-based solutions that overcome barriers and increase learning opportunities for deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing individuals. Through CSD Learns, bilingual online courses are presented in American Sign Language with voiceover and captioning as well as screen-reading compatibility. CSD Learns’ courses are self-paced and include interactive quizzes and assessments for a dynamic and active learning experience.    

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Read the Press Release about our collaboration with Wells Fargo:  


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