CSD In China: Final Reflections

CSD In China: Final Reflections
January 24, 2015 Ryan Hutchison
Images from CSD in China

By Ryan Hutchison

After an exhausting and exhilarating trip it sure is good to be back home in America. I sorely missed my family, but was surprised how much I missed Mexican food. Maudies Tex-Mex, seems you’ve become an integral part of my daily digestive life and need to be promoted to my holiday card list! We worked hard during our trip with little time to see China as tourists. But as hometown boy, I HAD to make time to catch two Seattle Seahawks playoff games. I’ll always remember waking at 3:45 am to watch our Seahawks successfully battle against the Packers at Shanghai’s Camel Bar alongside a rowdy, 30-strong Shanghai “12th Man” contingent.