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    Khadijat Rashid, CSD's Newest Board Member

    Introducing CSD’s Newest Board Member, Khadijat “Kubby” Rashid

    - by CSD

    CSD warmly welcomes Khadijat “Kubby” Rashid, Ph.D. as the newest member of our Board. Kubby will serve beginning July 1, 2018. CSD is very much looking to Kubby for her leadership and expertise to guide CSD’s organizational strategy to better address the many issues facing the Deaf community.

    Khadijat Rashid

    Khadijat Rashid

    Khadijat “Kubby” Rashid, Ph.D. is currently the Interim Dean of the School of Education, Business and Human Services at Gallaudet University, having previously served as the chair of the Department of Business. A member of the Gallaudet faculty since 1994, she has developed and taught courses for both undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of economics, social work, and international development. Additionally, Kubby was the first coordinator of the Gallaudet Leadership Institute’s Deaf Women’s Leadership Program creating a curriculum that continues to be implemented today. She has also taught in the School of International Service at American University and in Merrill Lynch’s summer program for deaf-owned businesses.

    In 2010, President Obama appointed her as a White House Fellow, where she worked closely with senior government officials. She also was appointed by the Maryland governor to serve on the board for the Maryland School for the Deaf from 2008 until 2014, and recently completed her term as a board member for Discovering Deaf Worlds, a non-profit organization that works with signing deaf communities worldwide. Currently, she is a board member for South West Collegiate Institute for the Deaf in Big Spring, Texas. Other organizations she has served include the World Deaf Leadership Program and the National Deaf Business Institute.

    Kubby is the author of numerous published scholarly articles and book chapters, and is the co-author of the 2015 book, Citizenship, Politics, Difference: Perspectives from Sub-Saharan African Communities. She has presented widely, including at colleges and universities, the World Bank, United Nations, the State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the White House. She makes her home in Maryland.


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    MakeYourselfCount Hero Banner

    #MakeYourselfCount Survey to Gather Data on Deaf Experiences Regarding Employment

    - by CSD

    Little is known about the shared and unique experiences that deaf people have, particularly regarding employment. With a 70% under and unemployed rate, a clear understanding of the details specific to those experiences and how they relate, would greatly increase the chances of employment success within the Deaf community.

    That’s why in partnership with Sorenson, Deaf Grassroots Movement, American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association (ADARA), and other national organizations and businesses, CSD Unites is spearheading a nationwide community survey with the goal to create greater opportunities for Deaf Americans.

    “It’s extremely important that Deaf and hard of hearing people show up to make their experience count. One of the best ways to do this is to collect data, because data helps us better understand how to address certain challenges facing our community such as unemployment,” Communication Service for the Deaf CEO Christopher Soukup said. “Accurate community data will give us proof of shared experiences and realities, and will help policymakers and government agencies make better informed decisions that will help uplift Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. It will also help us continue support for legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, and help us work towards new policies that will have a net positive impact not only on Deaf people, but American society as well.”

    The survey is open from February 15th through March 21st and is open to all Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind Americans. Soukup went on, “Data itself tells stories; it helps us tell stories about ourselves. That’s why we’re encouraging people to take the survey. When we achieve a large enough pool of individuals to draw from, we can more justly know how to address the story of employment within our community.”

    About CSD Unites: 
    CSD Unites is a department of CSD Neighborhood and is sponsored by Communication Service for the Deaf, the largest Deaf-led nonprofit in the world. CSD Unites believes in building strength together within the Deaf community. To learn more about the survey visit: or

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    reFort Social Card

    reFort the Third Business Investment of the CSD Social Venture Fund

    - by CSD

    At the end of every semester, students generate tons of waste when they move out of residences. Have you ever wondered exactly how much waste is generated? It’s clearly enough to be a problem. Students leave colleges and universities with the expense of picking up after them and properly disposing of their waste. What can be done about this?

    Enter reFort, a startup concept that is led by Myles Goldberg, Ethan Kramer, and Sean Maiwald. It all started as an idea for a contest, and through pitch after pitch became more refined, and now is a business venture on the verge of breaking out.

    Kramer said, “reFort picks up durable goods otherwise intended for disposal, and refurbishes and resells them at lower cost to those moving into residences. We want to show that ‘going green’ can be beneficial for people and make good business sense, too.”

    Originally composed of Maiwald, Goldberg, and Zohaib Qureshi, reFort won second place in the final round at Climathon in October 2016, a 24-hour hack-a-thon hosted at the George Washington University. Many of the judges were themselves from the D.C. area and loved the idea. Ethan Kramer came aboard during the second round of this contest to fill out the team. They pressed onward, placing third at the Gallaudet University Business Pitch Competition in February 2017, and began piloting the project a few months later at Gallaudet.

    Ethan Kramer

    Ethan Kramer, Founder

    Myles Goldberg

    Myles Goldberg, Founder

    Sean Maiwald

    Sean Maiwald, Founder

    It was then they decided to apply for the CSD SVF, and are now the third recipient of SVF support. “We knew reFort was perfect for the SVF incubator program, CSD CEO Christopher Soukup said. “The reFort partners are representing the Deaf community as leaders in tackling the problem of waste, an issue that affects everyone on the planet.” Their focus right now is in the Washington, D.C. area, at Gallaudet University. They will be testing their model, and refining it, while building their brand and marketing through CSD Creative, which will help develop their logo and build their website. Eventually reFort wants to develop a mobile app to make their service even more accessible.

    “Based on the amazing community response we’ve had so far, we’d love if the community wants to support us. People can donate items, buy the items we have for sale, and help spread the word about our business. That’s the proven Deaf ecosystem that we want to tap into, and we’re very excited about partnering with CSD,” said Goldberg.

    Soukup added, “We’re very keen about advising this young and enthusiastic team and providing the essential resources for a strong business infrastructure.” The reFort team never expected to get this far this quickly, and want you to know that you, too, can grow an idea to fruition. As Sean Maiwald says, “I can, you can, we all can!”

    Visit the reFort SVF Partner
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    Dominic Lacy

    Come and Meet CSD’s Newest Chief Innovation Officer: Dominic Lacy

    - by CSD

    Dominic (Dom) Lacy was raised by Deaf parents who established high expectations in his studies, and he witnessed their dedication to ensure that access to education and sign language was provided him. That experience forever shaped him, and is why he is passionate about education because it “opens new doors and opportunities,” which lead to a more visible Deaf workforce that can “help shift limiting beliefs about Deaf and hard of hearing people.”

    Dom discovered his zeal for activism as he joined the workforce after graduating from Southern Methodist University as a double major in finance and political science. He’s well-known in the Dallas community for his leadership on the Deaf Action Center (DAC) board, where he spent 10 years as a member, and was DAC’s first Deaf board president. During his time at DAC, Dom focused on developing the organization’s capacity and steering capital development to establish facilities, including Martha’s Vineyard Place, an affordable and accessible housing project. He also served as a commissioner on the City of Dallas Community Development Commission.

    Prior to coming to CSD, Dom worked 14 years at Accenture Strategy as a Senior Manager. In this role, he worked with Fortune 500 companies, guiding them in achieving strategic objectives such as streamlining business operations, developing a vision for business models and implementing technology to achieve this.

    “The CSD SVF needs the right leader to ensure that it achieves its full potential, and Dominic Lacy is that person,” CSD CEO Christopher Soukup said.

    In his new position at the CSD Social Venture Fund (SVF), Dom will focus primarily on the further developing the SVF and its offerings. He will work with Mozzeria and DeafTax to help achieve their goals, and help develop the SVF’s incubator and mentoring programs. On top of all this he will also provide day-to-day support to all of CSD’s programs, investments, and partners.

    “I love CSD’s vision of creating success stories while combating the unemployment and underemployment rate among Deaf people. It feels like a perfect fit,” said Lacy.

    Soukup added, “Dominic will be integral to our work to create meaningful change for Deaf people and will be contributing broadly to all of the initiatives in our company portfolio. We’re fortunate to have him.”

    Anuncio en español (Spanish Translation PDF)
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    Joshua Hawaii Business Magazine Is Selected as CSD’s Second Social Venture Fund Partner

    - by CSD

    A second notable business has been selected to become part of the CSD Social Venture Fund, “We are very pleased to be recognized by CSD,” said owner Joshua R. Beal. “This support will allow us to expand our services to better serve more Deaf individuals and Deaf-owned businesses throughout the United States. This investment from the CSD SVF will help the Deaf community become more self-reliant through a greater understanding of taxes and procedures. In turn, this will create additional jobs, such as expanded availability of Deaf tax experts and ultimately help strengthen the Deaf community’s economic standing.”

    CSD CEO Christopher Soukup says that this is exactly what CSD wants to happen. “The central purpose of CSD SVF’s investment in DeafTax is to support their vision for growth and their commitment to creating employment opportunities for deaf professionals in the areas of finance and accounting.”

    Joshua Hawaii Business Magazine

    Joshua Hawaii Business Magazine (photog. Kevin Blitz) was founded in 2007 and is currently managed by Beal and Charles L. Sterling. The company, a spin-off from Schwarz Financial Services, provides tax preparation services to individuals, non-profits, trusts, and small businesses throughout the nation. With offices in Washington, D.C., and Hawaii, works primarily with clients through videophone and email.

    Soukup added that another goal of the SVF is the creation of jobs in as many sectors as possible. “Expanding DeafTax’s services can lead to other professional opportunities within financial services such as financial advising, accounting, and so on. By partnering with, we will improve the quality of information available to Deaf people regarding income tax and tax preparation.”

    With this investment, plans on developing an app for mobile devices, providing bookkeeping services for Deaf-owned businesses, nonprofits, and organizations, and establishing a third office.

    Soukup noted that Beal is an ideal choice for increasing the Deaf community’s access to information. “Beal’s commitment to supporting the Deaf community is clear and he has served hundreds of clients over the course of his career. Joshua has compelling ideas for evolving and scaling DeafTax, and CSD is excited and proud to be a partner in helping the entire DeafTax team convert their vision into reality.”

    To learn more about please visit More information on the CSD Social Venture Fund is available at

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    Headshot of Chris Soukup

    Interview with Forbes; Leading a 1,000-Employee Nonprofit Serving Deaf Community

    - by CSD

    Chris Soukup, 38, is a third-generation member of the deaf community. As a child, he remembers his paternal grandparents visiting each week with a list of phone calls to be made by his mother, who could hear. In those days, before the relay services offered by companies like Communication Service for the Deaf, or CSD, the nonprofit that Soukup now runs, members of the deaf community were effectively prevented from communicating by phone.

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    getty image

    23 Daily Habits Which Separate High Achievers From Everyone Else

    - by CSD

    “Authenticity is powerful. I made the mistake of trying to be the leader that I thought people expected me to be. Over time, I got more comfortable with responsibility and became less afraid to be myself and to create my own personal brand of leadership. This brand is unique, not replicable, and has appreciated in value over time. It belongs to me. All young leaders should gravitate to their strengths and build their brand around qualities that they are proudest of.” –Chris Soukup, CEO of Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD)

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    Photo of Brandi and Bryce

    This Agency Helps Marketers Reach Deaf Consumers

    - by CSD

    There are agencies that specialize in targeting women, various ethnic cohorts and demographic segments, but there is one group that has been largely ignored: the Deaf, a community of more than 30 million people in the U.S. and about 360 million worldwide. An agency called CSD Creative is looking to change that.