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    PAHWork was founded in 2015 by Bryce Chapman who recognized the need for a central place for employers and Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing job seekers to connect over potential job opportunities. PAHWork provides a listing of job openings from companies who are committed to making their workplace and hiring practices Deaf-friendly. Chapman, who has been employed with Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. (CSD) since 2014, developed and managed PAHWork as a personal project he was passionate about.

    Recently, CSD launched CSD Works and the CSD Works Career Center. Through a series of videos narrated in American Sign Language and other online materials, CSD Works supports Deaf job seekers in finding or maintaining employment, as well as prepares them for potential advancement. Connected to CSD Works, the Career Center invites Deaf job seekers to identify current job openings they are interested in applying for. If a skill or qualification is required that the Deaf job seeker does not yet have, they can connect to CSD Works get more information on how to develop that skill or qualification. CSD Works also focuses on providing support to companies who are committed to hiring Deaf job seekers because they recognize the value and contributions that Deaf employees bring to their workforce.

    Chapman realized that there was some redundancy between the Career Center and PAHWork, and decided to close PAHWork to encourage PAHWork job seekers and employers to use the Career Center instead. “In addition to providing information on current job openings through the Career Center, CSD Works offers so many resources to improve the hire-ability of Deaf job seekers. CSD Works is also a valuable resource for employers to learn more about how they can make their working relationship with Deaf employees a successful experience for all involved.”

    Ryan Hutchison, Vice President of CSD Neighborhood, the department responsible for implementing CSD Works and the Career Center, said he learned a lot about what makes a job board effective from talking with Chapman about his experience with PAHWork. “CSD looks forward to welcoming the job seekers and employers from PAHWork and thanks Bryce for his early leadership in recognizing a need in our community and for providing a model framework for a job board specifically created for Deaf job seekers.”

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