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    CSD Creative: Introducing You to the Deaf Community

    - by sstuart


    48 million people in America are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. How do you reach them?

    There are many creative agencies that focus on, or claim to understand, the disability market, but all people with “disabilities” can’t be lumped into one group. Marketing to a person who is blind, or a person who uses a wheelchair, isn’t the same thing as marketing to a Deaf person.

    93% of the Deaf people surveyed prefer to communicate in their native language.

    ASL is the 4th most commonly-used language in the United States and is prevalently used by the Deaf community, yet most companies rely on written English to communicate to them. Different backgrounds, languages, and social norms – the Deaf community is a valuable, but complicated, market to reach.

    Our experience benefits your brand.

    It isn’t that other agencies focusing on the disability market mean to miss the mark – they just don’t have the cultural insight necessary to effectively communicate. At CSD Creative, where I work as a Creative Director, our Deaf lens allows us to truly understand how to approach marketing to the Deaf community.

    CSD Creative helps you reach the Deaf Community. 

    The Deaf Community includes:

    • Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals
    • Children of deaf adults, family members
    • Interpreters
    • Teachers of the deaf, and others who regularly interact with deaf people
    • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Organizations

    CSD Creative has insight into the Deaf community that other creative agencies simply can’t access. 

    CSD Creative knows the Deaf community because we are the Deaf community.

    As the creative arm of Communication Service for the Deaf, our 40 years of experience benefit your company. We have a long history within the Deaf community; our relationships and reputation allow us to reach Deaf individuals where they live – Deaf schools, Deaf clubs, and Deaf online communities. We always keep the Deaf perspective central to everything we do. As a Deaf-led and Deaf-powered agency, CSD Creative can introduce your brand to this niche market.

    Reach a new market with #DeafTalent. 

    Reaching the Deaf market can benefit your business or organization, but only if you get the right message across. We work with Deaf talent – from web developers, directors, filmmakers and designers – to make sure your brand puts its best face forward.

    Use our knowledge and experience to get started on marketing to this highly diverse and valuable community. Contact or visit today.

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    Russian team visits CSD office in Austin

    Russia Team Visits CSD: Days Two and Three (Sept. 28 – 29, 2016)

    - by Bobby Siebert

    By Bobby Siebert

    We began day two with a video call to Alexei Svetlov, the Russian-born deaf artist responsible for creating original artwork for our storybook, ‘The Giant Turnip,’ based on original Russian folklore. Alexei remembers reading ‘The Giant Turnip’ as a child, and it holds a special place in his heart. He is an accomplished artist, and we are honored to have him contributing his art to our project.

    Next, we wrapped up the workshops and presentations by our VL2 partners, Dr. Melissa Herzig and Melissa Malzkuhn. Yesterday, the VL2 Storybook Creator looked daunting—a wall of code can do that to you. Fortunately, we had the talented and steady hand of Melissa Malzkuhn to guide us through, and the program proved to be much simpler than it looks. The majority of the Storybook app is ‘pre-coded,’ with most of the essential structure of the app—the framework—already built, leaving us to fill in preset gaps with new text and files of our videos and images. In a way, the Creator program is essentially a more modern, technological version of ‘paint-by-numbers.’ Before we knew it, we were adding new pages, putting in our own text, inserting sentence videos and glossary word videos.

    Russian Actress practicing her lines in front of Camera

    Russian signer Vera Shamaeva practices her lines for ‘The Giant Turnip’ as videographer Toj Mora looks on

    We bid our VL2 partners farewell after lunch, and then dove into the actual filming of the storybook! For the last half of day two and most of day three, we worked in the studio, filming the RSL/Russian version of the original Russian folklore story, ‘The Giant Turnip.’ Considering that we were working off a Russian/English script and conversing in a mish-mash of Russian Sign Language, American Sign Language, and International Sign, the effectiveness of our communication was remarkable. In one and a half days, we completed filming the Watch and Read modes of the storybook, all 18 pages of it.

    Tomorrow, we’ll work on the ‘Learn’ mode of the storybook—we have over 75 Russian vocabulary words to film. We can’t wait to share the storybooks with you!