Deaf and Hard of Hearing Virtual Career Expo


CSD Works Virtual Career Expo

Job hunting and recruiting employees can be challenging, especially for people with disabilities, due to inaccessibility. That’s why CSD Works is bringing deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) people in the Austin area a fully accessible career expo on May 2nd, 2020 at Texas School for the Deaf in the Deaf Smith Center. The Expo will provide training and consulting for recruiters as well as connect qualified job seekers with disability-friendly employers.  

The career expo serves as “our first platform to emulate the live career expo experience and make it accessible for D/HH job seekers,” says Director Kristy Ramos. “The Career Expo aims to remove barriers by connecting D/HH job seekers directly with employers that understand the value people with disabilities add to their companies.”  

People with disabilities are disproportionally excluded from the workforce 

71.6% of people with disabilities are excluded from the labor force and a majority of those within the labor force face underemployment and discrimination. CSD Works, a subsidy of Communication Services for the Deaf, aims to cultivate a diverse workforce by partnering with individuals and business entities to recruit, hire and retain Deaf employees. In efforts to level the playing field and create equal access to employment, CSD Works has developed tools that help address systemic and individual barriers.  

What to expect from the CSD Works virtual career expo  

“The CSD Works Career Expo is a wonderful opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing job seekers to connect with disabilityfriendly employers and learn about the job search process,” said CSD Client Support Specialist, Claire Labry 

  • JOBSEEKERS: Learn how to you can improve your resume, practice soft skills, and test your interview skills in addition tconnecting with potential employers.   
  • EMPLOYERS: Gain access to a qualified pool of deaf candidates, learn about best practices for hiring D/HH employees and find resources on best practices for supporting a diverse workforce. 

CSD Works staff will be onsite to provide additional information on ongoing learning, job hunting, and recruitment. 

Reserve your spot at the biggest D/HH hiring event of the season!  

If you are looking for an opportunity to spruce up your resume, practice your soft skills and find the next stop in your career, sign up to secure your spot at the Expo today! If you have any questions, contact us at: 

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