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Educational Resources on the Black Deaf Experience

George Floyd died just over one month ago. Since then, the Black Lives Matter movement has grown tremendously, igniting protests around the world and exposing deficits in the way non-black individuals, organizations, and communities understand racism. This has resulted in an increased need for educational resources that can help fill in these gaps.

The Black Deaf Center (BDC) was created in June 2020 to house community resources on racism and the Black Deaf experience.  Listening to and learning from Black Deaf voices gives us the opportunity to work towards unpacking our own unconscious biases. Visit today to find:

The BDC is the brainchild of vlogger Tar Gillman who realized there was no centralized place he could send people who were affected by the BLM movement and who wanted to learn more about the Black Deaf experience.   

This website was built by the BDC team with the goal of highlighting important information about the Black Deaf Community. This is a project by and for the community, and as such requires the community’s input. If you have any resources you feel should be added you can contact the BDC team through their website. 

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Alex from the Daily Moth recently interviewed Tar about the origins of the Black Deaf Center. Learn more about how the Black Deaf Center got started below:

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