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    Vannessa LeBoss

    Announcing CSD’s new Business Development Manager, Vannessa LeBoss

    - by CSD

    Connect Direct is pleased to announce that we have acquired Business Development Manager Vannessa LeBoss, as of July 1st, 2018.  Given her 19 years of experience supporting and spearheading corporate expansion through finance, HR, sales and operations, her role within Connect Direct will be impactful. Connect Direct will utilize this position to establish and develop relationships for effective growth and implementation of direct services in ASL.

    Vannessa LeBoss

    Vannessa LeBoss

    Director of Connect Direct Craig Radford shares, “Given Vannessa’s extensive background in successfully expanding opportunities for the organizations she has worked in, my team and I are thrilled to have her onboard.” Ms. LeBoss has a degree in Business Management and has worked in the field of American Sign Language for nearly two decades. Throughout her career, she has laid an integral foundation of education and expansion related to appropriate utilization of interpreters and technology within the ASL community to businesses and organizations throughout the U.S., and thus brings an unparalleled industry expertise into Connect Direct.

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    Financial Education Sweepstakes!

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    A recent study showed that 40% of millennials turn to their parents and family as a source of information. But what about the 95% of Deaf people born into hearing families? Without a parent fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), that valuable financial knowledge isn’t passed down, leaving Deaf individuals without access to the tools needed to successfully grow and manage their money.

    That changes today. Thanks to support from Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking program, CSD Learns now offers free online courses focused on financial education, available in ASL with English voiceover and Spanish and English captions. Created with the Deaf learner and their classrooms and families in mind, these deaf friendly resources will inspire you to gain new skills and advance your financial knowledge.

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    Enter the CSD Learns Financial Education Sweepstakes by June 29th, 2018 for your chance to win. All you need to do is enroll in our new course, “Interested in Investing“. If you haven’t made an account yet, it’s free and easy! You can even use your Gmail address if you have one.


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    Financial Education Sweepstakes Rules and Regulations

    En Español:

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    Pat Myers

    CSD Names Pat Myers New President of CSD Contact Centers

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    Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. (CSD) proudly announces the appointment of Pat Myers as President of CSD Contact Centers in a move to strengthen its rapidly expanding global contact operations. Pat has agreed to lead CSD’s largest business unit after formerly serving as CSD Chief of Staff & Strategy, teaming with Juli Robinson, who continues to lead as CSD’s Vice President of Operations.

    “Pat’s unparalleled experience and expertise will be essential in guiding our contact centers group through a period of tremendous growth and transformation,” CSD’s CEO Christopher Soukup said.

    Pat Myers

    Pat Myers

    Pat’s new role focuses on business development and customer relationship management, where he will cultivate the growth of CSD’s captioned telephone and IP relay centers, lead the development of new contact center business opportunities, and oversee crucial contract retention efforts.

    Pat also oversees CSD’s Connect Direct team which seeks to expand consumer communication options to include direct ASL communication support through the creation of ASL customer service channels among federal agencies and public and private corporations. Pat said of Connect Direct, “It’s the culmination of over 35 years of experience serving the communication needs of Deaf and hard of hearing community. CSD will continue to push the envelope for call center service delivery and quality through Connect Direct.”

    Pat will identify and develop opportunities and partnerships both within the U.S. and abroad, expanding CSD’s reach beyond New Zealand, where they manage equipment distribution, telephone relay, captioned telephone, and the New Zealand Video Interpreting Service for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) of New Zealand.

    Soukup added, “Pat is legendary in the telecommunications relay industry and we are fortunate to have him leading this important part of our organization.”

    For more information about CSD and its programs and services, please visit
    For media inquiries, contact Brandi Rarus at

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    Entrepreneur Logo

    Interview with CEO, Chris Soukup in

    - by CSD

    Linda: This is How Success Happens, where we talk to Polar explorers, war correspondents, founders, ultra-marathoners, authors, artists, and a range of other unique personalities to help you understand the capabilities behind how success happens.

    Neil Armstrong: It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

    Speaker 3: When I’m training for an ultra marathon, anywhere from 100 to 120 miles a week would be in my training cycle. Lots of miles.

    Speaker 4: We sold something like 250,000 books.

    Linda: I’m the managing editor at and your host, Linda Lacina. Today we’re excited to have a very special guest. Chris Soukup, the CEO of Communication Service for the Deaf. It’s a nonprofit dedicated to creating opportunity for the deaf community. What started as a grassroots organization has grown into one of the largest organizations of its kind. One that, this year added a special social impact fund to help deaf entrepreneurs get the funding and support they need to start businesses. He’ll talk about transforming this organization to meet the challenges facing the deaf community today, the important role entrepreneurship can play, and how we can all think differently about creating opportunity. How are you, Chris?

    Chris: Hello. It’s a great pleasure to be here.

    Linda: I also would like to introduce Terry Hayes interpreting for us today. Tell us, Chris, a little bit about yourself, but also about CSD. Can you get us started? Get us all on a level playing field?

    Chris: Sure. CSD was formed in 1975 with a $15,000 grant from the state of South Dakota. We opened our doors, and the very first service that we provided to the community was sign language interpreting services. Through the years CSD has taken on additional dimensions and has grown to become a worldwide organization continuing to be dedicated to the deaf and hard of hearing community. We provide today a broad range of products, programs, and services all engineered to elevate the quality of the life experience for this population. I’ve been involved with the organization myself my entire life, and I’m very, very proud of our journey as a company, and the impact that we’ve been able to have, and our continuing commitment to the ideas that we know are possible, or for the deaf community.

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    Charles McFadden

    Announcing CSD’s New Chief Technology Officer, Charles McFadden

    - by CSD

    CSD introduces its newest Chief Technology Officer, Charles “Chaz” McFadden, who is based near Philadelphia. Chaz begins work on March 26, 2018, and will oversee all information technology, software development and engineering efforts at CSD, as well as spearhead the formation of CSD Labs, a technology-centered initiative.

    Before joining CSD, Chaz worked for nearly thirty years in the aerospace and defense industry, mostly with Lockheed Martin, on the engineering development and verification of software solutions for sonar systems, satellite communication systems, and several classified programs. Chaz has led and managed several different software and systems engineering teams responsible for the development of solutions for classified domestic and international programs, internal and external web enabled business communications solutions, and internal IT service management applications based on BMC Remedy and ServiceNow.

    CSD CEO Christopher Soukup said, “Chaz’s decades of experience working with teams on critical and complex software and engineering systems should translate extremely well over here at CSD, especially as we continue to build out our CSD Labs initiative.”

    Chaz is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, with a B.S. in Computer Science, and went on to earn an MBA from Villanova University. He holds a Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) credential from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), which acknowledges his expertise in data privacy.

    “The first order of business is listening to all IT personnel as they help me gain a thorough understanding of the breadth of their talent and capacity. This will allow me to best leverage them to develop and deploy solutions to support the CSD mission of elevating the Deaf community. This new technology is intended to make more apparent the incredible value Deaf people bring to the workplace and society, and increasing the number of self-empowered, self-actualized Deaf individuals,” Chaz said.

    McFadden’s leadership extends beyond the workplace, and shows in his commitment to service to the Deaf community. He now serves as Chair of the Board for the Deaf Hearing Communication Centre (DHCC) in Philadelphia and also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Pittsburgh. He will soon join the Board of Directors for the RIT/NTID Alumni Association in Rochester next month.

    Soukup added, “CSD’s dream of building Deaf-centered technological design initiatives and solutions that cement Deaf people’s place in the world will come to life at CSD Labs. Chaz’s leadership and advanced skillset paired with his community involvement make him perfectly positioned to recruit and develop our pool of technology professionals in service of this goal. We’re excited to see him take CSD Labs into and ahead of the future.”

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    Khadijat Rashid, CSD's Newest Board Member

    Introducing CSD’s Newest Board Member, Khadijat “Kubby” Rashid

    - by CSD

    CSD warmly welcomes Khadijat “Kubby” Rashid, Ph.D. as the newest member of our Board. Kubby will serve beginning July 1, 2018. CSD is very much looking to Kubby for her leadership and expertise to guide CSD’s organizational strategy to better address the many issues facing the Deaf community.

    Khadijat Rashid

    Khadijat Rashid

    Khadijat “Kubby” Rashid, Ph.D. is currently the Interim Dean of the School of Education, Business and Human Services at Gallaudet University, having previously served as the chair of the Department of Business. A member of the Gallaudet faculty since 1994, she has developed and taught courses for both undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of economics, social work, and international development. Additionally, Kubby was the first coordinator of the Gallaudet Leadership Institute’s Deaf Women’s Leadership Program creating a curriculum that continues to be implemented today. She has also taught in the School of International Service at American University and in Merrill Lynch’s summer program for deaf-owned businesses.

    In 2010, President Obama appointed her as a White House Fellow, where she worked closely with senior government officials. She also was appointed by the Maryland governor to serve on the board for the Maryland School for the Deaf from 2008 until 2014, and recently completed her term as a board member for Discovering Deaf Worlds, a non-profit organization that works with signing deaf communities worldwide. Currently, she is a board member for South West Collegiate Institute for the Deaf in Big Spring, Texas. Other organizations she has served include the World Deaf Leadership Program and the National Deaf Business Institute.

    Kubby is the author of numerous published scholarly articles and book chapters, and is the co-author of the 2015 book, Citizenship, Politics, Difference: Perspectives from Sub-Saharan African Communities. She has presented widely, including at colleges and universities, the World Bank, United Nations, the State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the White House. She makes her home in Maryland.


  • CSD Unites
    MakeYourselfCount Hero Banner

    #MakeYourselfCount Survey to Gather Data on Deaf Experiences Regarding Employment

    - by CSD

    Little is known about the shared and unique experiences that deaf people have, particularly regarding employment. With a 70% under and unemployed rate, a clear understanding of the details specific to those experiences and how they relate, would greatly increase the chances of employment success within the Deaf community.

    That’s why in partnership with Sorenson, Deaf Grassroots Movement, American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association (ADARA), and other national organizations and businesses, CSD Unites is spearheading a nationwide community survey with the goal to create greater opportunities for Deaf Americans.

    “It’s extremely important that Deaf and hard of hearing people show up to make their experience count. One of the best ways to do this is to collect data, because data helps us better understand how to address certain challenges facing our community such as unemployment,” Communication Service for the Deaf CEO Christopher Soukup said. “Accurate community data will give us proof of shared experiences and realities, and will help policymakers and government agencies make better informed decisions that will help uplift Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. It will also help us continue support for legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, and help us work towards new policies that will have a net positive impact not only on Deaf people, but American society as well.”

    The survey is open from February 15th through March 21st and is open to all Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind Americans. Soukup went on, “Data itself tells stories; it helps us tell stories about ourselves. That’s why we’re encouraging people to take the survey. When we achieve a large enough pool of individuals to draw from, we can more justly know how to address the story of employment within our community.”

    About CSD Unites: 
    CSD Unites is a department of CSD Neighborhood and is sponsored by Communication Service for the Deaf, the largest Deaf-led nonprofit in the world. CSD Unites believes in building strength together within the Deaf community. To learn more about the survey visit: or