ASL Now Launches New Mobile App

Connect Direct Launches ASL Now Mobile App – the world’s first mobile app that connects Deaf Consumers with Deaf Call Center Agents, no interpreters or captions needed.

Connect Direct has launched its new ASL Now app! This is the first-of-its-kind, free mobile app that with the touch of a button connects American Sign Language (ASL) users with trained customer service agents who are fluent in ASL – no interpreters or captions required.

ASL Now redefines customer service, providing equal communication for Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, hard-of-hearing, and late-deafened people whose daily lives are impacted by communication barriers. ASL Now gives consumers the freedom to find information and customer support from businesses without wasting hours on interpreting relay services or frustrating captioning services.

The ASL Now mobile app provides users with a directory of companies offering customer support directly in ASL. A user scrolls through the list of companies, finds the one they need to call, and clicks to connect with a trained Deaf customer service agent over video. Companies included in the directory now include Google, Xfinity Comcast, the Minnesota Health Department, Cox Communications, and the State of California.

ASL Now is supported by nearly 50 years of experience serving and supporting the Deaf community. The service is engineered by Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD), the world’s largest social impact organization dedicated to the Deaf community.

“CSD has always sought to create equitable communication and employment opportunities for the Deaf community. This app does that,” said CSD CEO Chris Soukup. “ASL Now makes it easy for Deaf consumers to get the same customer service that a hearing person would get, with no third parties or added communication barriers in their daily lives.”

With the ASL Now App, equal communication is at your fingertips.

Download the free ASL Now App!

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