Celebrating ASL Day 2022


Happy ASL Day!

Every April 15, we show love for this beautiful, visual language and embrace how fortunate we are to know American Sign Language and to be part of Deaf culture. CSD is celebrating by sharing an original classifier story courtesy of ASL expert and Dripple Freelancer Perseus McDaniel of @85that.

Perseus’ emotional performance honors the barriers Deaf actors and creatives must break down along their journey to success. His story celebrates the historic 2022 Oscar wins of the feature film CODA and actor Troy Kotsur and what it means for the Deaf creatives following in their footsteps. Their work breaks down barriers so more Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and Hard of Hearing people have opportunities to show their abilities on screen and in life. The future of Deaf representation is an exciting one.

Description: Black, medium skinned male with fade hairdo and purple sweater wearing pull up sleeves and standing in front of black screen.

Story Context

Lifting the curtain, a Deaf male with a flat hat is ready to act and show his skills in ASL at the big hearing, acting industry. He almost lost his faith because of the importance of lip speaking, but he listened to his inner self to persist and get amazing support from the CODA film team, including Daniel Durant and living-proof Oscar award actor, Marlee Matlin. He starts to run towards his goal with desire and blocks all doubts of lip speaking and grabs the Oscar trophy in shock. He smirks and opens a door with the trophy as a key. The light from the door burst slowly then thunderbolts all over the world of “Can” opportunities with love. It’s our time, thank you CODA film cast, ILY.

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