CSD Learns Launches ASL Guide On ABLE Accounts With ABLE today, NAST, and Wells Fargo

Are you Deaf and need a helping hand with financial planning? Or are you an educator of the Deaf who wants to learn more about providing for your students’ futures? CSD Learns has tailored their program just for individuals like yourself! Get all of your questions answered, especially about ABLE accounts.  

Leila Hanaumi, a Deaf Asian woman wearing a purple blouse, is signing in a video with two logos displaying the National Association of State Treasurers and Wells Fargo. In front of the image is a red circle with a white triangle in the position of playing a video.

ABLE accounts are a way for people with disabilities to maintain financial stability and plan for long-term financial goals. To help everyone learn more about ABLE accounts, CSD Learns developed a 29-minute video that covers the basics of opening and managing an ABLE account. It is available in English, American Sign Language, and Spanish so that all can take advantage of this important information.  

ABLE accounts are similar to 529 college savings plans and allow individuals with disabilities or their families to save funds which can then be used to pay expenses related to health, independence, and well-being. You can open ABLE accounts through participating state programs and any funds saved in these accounts will not jeopardize eligibility for important government benefits like Medicaid or Social Security.  

The video about ABLE accounts covers details such as contribution limits and how funds are removed from the accounts. This makes it a great source of information for anyone who is looking to explore ABLE account options as a way to secure their finances in the long term.

The video was made possible through an important partnership with ABLE today, National Association of State Treasurers (NAST), and Wells Fargo. Bus Door Films, a CSD Social Venture Fund investment, is the production company behind this outstanding video. 

“Wells Fargo has a long history of supporting ABLE account access. We know that making sure all of the resources about them are accessible to everyone, especially those in the deaf and hard of hearing community, is an important aspect of ensuring that access,” said Bonnie Wallace, head of Financial Health Philanthropy at Wells Fargo.

Don’t wait – watch the video today to start maximizing your ABLE account opportunities! 

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