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    Joshua Hawaii Business Magazine Is Selected as CSD’s Second Social Venture Fund Partner

    - by CSD

    A second notable business has been selected to become part of the CSD Social Venture Fund, “We are very pleased to be recognized by CSD,” said owner Joshua R. Beal. “This support will allow us to expand our services to better serve more Deaf individuals and Deaf-owned businesses throughout the United States. This investment from the CSD SVF will help the Deaf community become more self-reliant through a greater understanding of taxes and procedures. In turn, this will create additional jobs, such as expanded availability of Deaf tax experts and ultimately help strengthen the Deaf community’s economic standing.”

    CSD CEO Christopher Soukup says that this is exactly what CSD wants to happen. “The central purpose of CSD SVF’s investment in DeafTax is to support their vision for growth and their commitment to creating employment opportunities for deaf professionals in the areas of finance and accounting.”

    Joshua Hawaii Business Magazine

    Joshua Hawaii Business Magazine (photog. Kevin Blitz) was founded in 2007 and is currently managed by Beal and Charles L. Sterling. The company, a spin-off from Schwarz Financial Services, provides tax preparation services to individuals, non-profits, trusts, and small businesses throughout the nation. With offices in Washington, D.C., and Hawaii, works primarily with clients through videophone and email.

    Soukup added that another goal of the SVF is the creation of jobs in as many sectors as possible. “Expanding DeafTax’s services can lead to other professional opportunities within financial services such as financial advising, accounting, and so on. By partnering with, we will improve the quality of information available to Deaf people regarding income tax and tax preparation.”

    With this investment, plans on developing an app for mobile devices, providing bookkeeping services for Deaf-owned businesses, nonprofits, and organizations, and establishing a third office.

    Soukup noted that Beal is an ideal choice for increasing the Deaf community’s access to information. “Beal’s commitment to supporting the Deaf community is clear and he has served hundreds of clients over the course of his career. Joshua has compelling ideas for evolving and scaling DeafTax, and CSD is excited and proud to be a partner in helping the entire DeafTax team convert their vision into reality.”

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    Headshot of Chris Soukup

    Interview with Forbes; Leading a 1,000-Employee Nonprofit Serving Deaf Community

    - by CSD

    Chris Soukup, 38, is a third-generation member of the deaf community. As a child, he remembers his paternal grandparents visiting each week with a list of phone calls to be made by his mother, who could hear. In those days, before the relay services offered by companies like Communication Service for the Deaf, or CSD, the nonprofit that Soukup now runs, members of the deaf community were effectively prevented from communicating by phone.

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    23 Daily Habits Which Separate High Achievers From Everyone Else

    - by CSD

    “Authenticity is powerful. I made the mistake of trying to be the leader that I thought people expected me to be. Over time, I got more comfortable with responsibility and became less afraid to be myself and to create my own personal brand of leadership. This brand is unique, not replicable, and has appreciated in value over time. It belongs to me. All young leaders should gravitate to their strengths and build their brand around qualities that they are proudest of.” –Chris Soukup, CEO of Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD)