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    CSD Launches CSD Learns, a New Online Education Platform

    - by Joseph Santini

    Online, independent learning is a powerful tool. When we can independently search for information, learn about new topics, and find resources, we have the ability to better ourselves.  This is why I’m so passionate about CSD Learns. Over the last few years, I’ve seen online course providers such as LearnQuest or the American Management Association revolutionize the working experience for the United States employee. The ability to study from home and earn certification in new fields has opened doors like nothing else in history. With the introduction of CSD Learns, Deaf, DeafBlind, Deaf and Disabled, and Hard of Hearing individuals now also have a fully accessible platform for independent, autonomous learning.

    We work with various Deaf and Hard of Hearing subject matter experts to develop online courses in ASL which also use closed-captioning, sound, transcripts and other techniques to ensure greater accessibility for members of our community. We use visual learning approaches to ensure information is clear and meaningful. We incorporate the latest in technology and video and develop new tools to make learning accessible and fun. As part of CSD Neighborhood, we want to make sure we’re creating courses which benefit our community.

    Our first courses, available at no cost, gives learners tools for employment and professional advancement. Work and Benefits explains the process by which Deaf people receiving Social Security benefits can smoothly transition to employment. Searching for a Job provides effective strategies and tips that help job seekers find ideal jobs that fit their skill set and personal goals. Writing Resumes teaches you how to take your employment history, education background, skills and abilities and put them all together in a polished eye-catching document that appeals to potential employers. If you’re interested in these topics, or know someone who is, please visit our website to learn more and enroll.

    We continue to add courses to give learners from our communities tools and skills for lifelong success—our courses can even help develop and maintain academic skills. Our CSD Learns courses will expand as our community grows and succeeds. These free online opportunities will help equalize the playing field for the U.S. Deaf community.

    Enroll now or learn more about CSD Learns. Together, we rise.

    • Joseph Santini, CSD Learns Program Manager
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    2 women playing Ping Pong

    Russia Team visits CSD: Day 4 (Friday September 30)

    - by Bobby Siebert

    By Bobby Siebert

    Our final full day went by in a blur as we worked with our Russian partners Alla and Zoya of Ya Tebya Slyshu and the Russian signer Vera to film the glossary words in the story ‘The Giant Turnip.’ With over seventy words to film, we were in the studio quite a while, capturing every word in the method established by the VL2 storybooks: signing the word and then fingerspelling it, and signing it once more. Eventually, we wrapped up filming and thanked Vera for her hard work and patience in the studio, signing every scene and most of the words multiple times to make sure we got the best take.

    Two Video Editors editing and reviewing videos.

    CSD videographers Toj Mora and Bradley Gantt review footage of Vera Shamaeva signing ‘The Giant Turnip’ in Russian Sign Language.

    With filming wrapped up, we bid farewell. We thanked Alla, Zoya, and Vera for making the long trip and participating wholeheartedly and enthusiastically in our various exchange activities. For their part, Alla and Zoya were thankful for the experience, especially for the research-based information they learned from the VL2 presentation on the cognitive benefits of bilingual education. They hope to bring what they’ve learned over to their communities in Saint Petersburg and Russia.

    Next, we look forward to our CSD team’s trip to Russia from November 5 to 14. We’ll visit Saint Petersburg and Moscow and participate in another round of exchange activities, including a roundtable discussion on bilingual education involving educational and medical professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing children in Saint Petersburg, a presentation on the early intervention system in Russia, and filming of the RSL/Russian versions of two current VL2 storybooks, ‘Baobab’ and ‘Blue Lobster.’

    We’ll be posting more during our Russia visit—be sure to check back for more updates!