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    CSD @ 40 Communication Reimagined

    Communication Reimagined Expo

    - by CSD

    At CSD, we work tirelessly to enrich the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people. Through a commitment to innovation and communication, we are shaping the future of accessibility and redefining what inclusion really means. We’re leading the way to a new, inclusive future.

    To unveil our vision for the future, we are hosting the Communication Reimagined Expo in Washington D.C. on April 19th. At CSD@40 Expo, learn more about:

    • CSD
    • CSD Learns
    • CSD Works
    • Creative Agency
    • Direct Services
    • Public Policy
    • Vineya

    We’ll premier our new short film, Beyond Inclusion starring Nyle DiMarco. This groundbreaking short film is set ten years into the future. The word “disability” has been replaced with “human diversity” and improvements in technology make it possible for meaningful connections between everyone. Join the conversation with us at

    For more information about CSD@40 Expo, visit:

    This event is invitation only and if you received an invitation, chat with one of our CX agents here and we’ll RSVP for you. We look forward to see you there!

    Received an evite? Contact us to RSVP