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    CSD Works has set a goal of creating 1000 new jobs and 100 deaf businesses by 2018

    About CSD Works and CSD Learns

    - by CSD

    CSD Works is about creating jobs for the deaf and hard of hearing. We recognize the need for employment opportunities. We believe in creating opportunities and increasing income for a skilled workforce. By raising awareness about the skills and abilities of our community, we can overcome stereotypes, break down barriers to work, and reduce community dependence on government benefits.

    CSD Learns is about empowering the community through access to education, job training, and other learning resources in ASL. Courses will be offered online so job seekers across the country can develop skills and get jobs with CSD Works employment partners. Learners can also benefit from soft skills training courses covering topics like Social Security benefits management, financial wellness, and communication skills.

    CSD Works and CSD Learns will provide support services such as ongoing training, interpreting services, mentoring and more to help individuals not just keep their job, but advance in it. 

    In the coming months and years, CSD will continue to add employment opportunities to CSD Works and expand our CSD Learns course offerings. We will partner with community-based organizations to increase support for job seekers and create even more employment opportunities within our community. Together we will build a New Workforce.

    Ready to work? Join us!