Vineya is the optimal way to schedule ASL interpreters.

Discover a new era in communication access.

Vineya Helps People Connect

Through increasing access to certified ASL interpreters and partnering with organizations that share our values, we’re building a more inclusive world. Join us.

What is Vineya?

Access to certified interpreters is what we’re about. Efficient and effective, Vineya is the optimal way to schedule certified ASL interpreters.

Vineya for Agencies

The art of scheduling meets powerful, innovative technology. Satisfy your customers’ needs by empowering them to request their own interpreters. Find and schedule jobs onsite or through a built-in video interpreting platform. Keep on top of paperwork with dynamic reporting features, system-generated notifications and reminders about jobs, certifications and licenses.

Vineya for Businesses

Ideal for nonprofits, banks, health providers and government agencies with regular ASL interpreting needs. Set controls and parameters on how requests are made and fulfilled to ensure that specific requirements, such as HIPAA, security clearances, certifications and training, immunizations, etc., are met.

Vineya for Deaf Customers

Empowering the Deaf community is the best way to enhance communication access. Choose an interpreting agency powered by Vineya and gain the ability to request your favorite certified interpreter. Easily communicate with them before meetings or appointments. Decide whether onsite or video interpreting is right for you.


Vineya for Agencies is a fresh, innovative tool that provides an advanced, yet easy-to-use approach to an historically tedious process.

– LaRhonda Eaves, Interpreting Operations Manager

As an interpreter, I love Vineya. I can easily find jobs and keep up with my schedule. I love how I get reminded near the end of a job to submit my timesheet after I complete the assignment. I love the mobile features!

– Steve Nugent, Interpreter

Vineya has provided me a new way of arranging an interpreter for meetings that I participate in. It gives you peace of mind by taking care of everything for you. The user interface is easy to use for both on-site and video interpreting.

– Justin Barlow, Mechanical Engineer

VineyaInspired by a legacy of open communication

Maybe you’ve wondered about our logo, the lighthouse. Martha’s Vineyard was once home to a large community of deaf people. Whether you were hearing or deaf, everyone knew how to sign, so communication was available to all. This legacy of open communication access is what inspires everyone who works on Vineya.

Join us as Patrick Graybill shares our inspiring take on the link between Vineya and Martha’s Vineyard.

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