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CSD of South Dakota

Founded in 1975, CSD of South Dakota serves deaf and hard of hearing individuals across the state through programs to improve and provide needed access to services that impact day-to-day activities. CSD of South Dakota has three offices located in Sioux Falls, Rapid City and Aberdeen. The organization provides a range of services such as the Telephone Equipment Distribution Program, Community Support for advocacy, ASL instruction, vocational assistance and Project Link to assist with Internet access fees. Other programs are also in place to improve the quality of life and access to communication needs for deaf and hard of hearing individuals throughout the state of South Dakota.

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Quarterly Newsletters

2015 Fall Newsletter

Katie Peterson

Katie Peterson

State Director

T: 605-394-6864 (V)
T: 605-496-0004 (VP)

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American Sign Language Instruction

We provide American Sign Language (ASL) instruction and mentoring programs to consumers, schools and businesses throughout the state who are interested or in need of effective communication options with deaf and hard of hearing individuals across various settings. Qualified instructors travel throughout the state of South Dakota to offer ASL instruction where requested.

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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

CSD of South Dakota is collaborating with the South Dakota Coalition and South Dakota Network of Families Against Violence (SDNFAV) to develop our South Dakota Charter and to provide resources related to disabilities to all of agencies in South Dakota that serve violence-related services.

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Telecommunications Assistance and Support

CSD of South Dakota assists deaf and hard of hearing individuals with payments for high-speed Internet access in order to utilize communication equipment (e.g., captioned telephones, videophones) necessary for interaction across community programs, services and places. Through Project LinkSD, we also provide telephone communication equipment such as amplified and tone-controlled telephones, videophones and mobile devices to deaf and hard of hearing individuals in order to improve access to communication options to interact with community services, family and peers.

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Community Support Services

We’re proud to provide individualized transitional support services to deaf and hard of hearing consumers whose goal is to achieve increased integration into the community and workplace. Transitional support includes advocacy in the workplace, deaf and hard of hearing sensitivity and awareness training, ASL classes, peer support, domestic violence support and vocational assistance.