CSD Neighborhood

CSD Neighborhood

Creating stronger, healthier communities through partnerships, ideas and technology.

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We work with organizations and communities to improve the quality of life for deaf and hard of hearing people around the world. Together, we will implement solutions for our biggest needs and issues.


CSD Works

Employment is an important community issue. We work with individuals, employers, and community organizations to create job opportunities.


CSD Learns

We team up with experts and apply visual education approaches to offer online courses with direct instruction in ASL. Free online education equalizes opportunity.

CSD Unites

CSD Unites

We partner with organizations to implement innovative, community-driven solutions that address nationwide gaps in services and resources.

Our CSD Neighborhood supports local communities. Learn more about our state programs and the services they provide.



Our Minnesota state program provides Adult Basic Education that include GED programs, citizenship classes, and driver’s education. We also provide statewide anti-violence advocacy services and awareness programming.


South Dakota

We offer equipment distribution, mentoring and advocacy services, including communication assistance, employment support, ASL instruction and more.

CSD Neighborhood Team