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We can help your company provide genuine one-on-one interaction with 2+ million deaf consumers.



Take a leap forward in providing high-quality service for deaf and hard of hearing consumers.



Win their business and cultivate a loyal customer base.

Step 1

Program Operation
& Promotion Design


We are experts at running call centers staffed by the deaf and hard of hearing. We work closely with you to develop a practical, rapidly scalable program, complemented by our proven processes that supports you every step of the way.


We develop custom promotional programs that are carefully tailored and targeted to fit your demographic. We have a pulse on what deaf consumers respond to – this means your promotional dollar possesses a strategic arc and velocity that can’t be matched.

Step 2

Hiring & Training
Deaf Employees

Hiring deaf and hard of hearing employees presents some unique challenges. Filtering the typical flood of applications received for any position has some complexities. Recruiting the best qualified applicants for the jobs is a craft we have honed over 40 years. We will help you find the best people for the jobs you need to fill.

Step 3


Once the program is activated and live calls are coming in--the contact center will be in constant motion. Managing daily shifts of workers and meeting their needs while providing adequate supervision and reporting is all part of the plan and process we provide.

Step 4

Quality Control
& Evaluation

Surveying and quality assurance programs are unique in a Deaf to Deaf environment, as video calls are not typically recorded due to massive video file sizes. We have developed a number of alternate ways to effectively assess employee performance to assure call quality and the achievement of all program KPIs.
A great direct service program is not something you build and walk away from; it is something that you continuously mold and shape over time. This requires both the capacity to understand where changes are needed and a vigilant commitment to program quality – and its one of the things that we do best.

Step 5

Employee Experience
& Retention

A typical call center will experience between 80%-120% turnover in a single year. Turnover is both voluntary and involuntary, so even in the best scenario, there will be some cycling of employees. We provide access to a talent pipeline of top caliber candidates and maintain quality deaf leadership in operations, training and human resources to work with employees from the same culture, in their own language.

Step 6

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What is CSD Direct?

CSD Direct offers customized customer contact services offered in American Sign Language (ASL).

Third-party communication services, like text or video relay services, leave a lot of room for miscommunication, falling short when it comes to customer satisfaction. But how else can you communicate with your deaf and hard of hearing customers? The answer is CSD Direct.

It’s easier than you think to give your customers exactly what they want.

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Our Direct Service Package

With 40 years of experience serving the deaf and hard of hearing, CSD offers full-stack services to support your efforts to both hire and sell to this largely untapped market.

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Direct Communications

Communicate with your deaf and hard of hearing customers in their native language, ASL, to increase clarity and reduce frustration.

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Screening and Training

We identify personnel with appropriate language skills to support direct communication and provide specialized training to ensure an optimal direct services experience.

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Workplace Solutions

We offer a broad array of services to help businesses hire and accommodate deaf and hard of hearing employees. With the right tools, your business can empower them to achieve success.

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Targeted Marketing

Build a meaningful relationship with your deaf and hard of hearing customers, by communicating with them in their language and by understanding their unique needs and perspectives.

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Our direct communications personnel value that they are doing meaningful work and our management approach—including culturally and linguistically appropriate managers—translate into deep loyalty and low turnover.

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Unlock a huge market of over two million deaf and hard of hearing customers.

Let CSD create a Direct Services program in ASL for you. You can:

Create a superior customer experience

Build brand loyalty

Increase long-term sales

Save money by reducing frustrating, repetitive calls

Unlock a huge market of over two million deaf and hard of hearing customers.

Let CSD create a Direct Services program in ASL for you. You can:

Create a superior customer experience

Build brand loyalty

Increase long-term sales

Save money by reducing frustrating, repetitive calls

Respondents who said it was “Very Important” to call and communicate directly rather than through relay services.

Deaf respondents who said it was important to communicate in their native language.

CSD Project Endeavor Final Program Evaluation Report covering January 1, 2010 through June 30, 2013

Direct communication is the most effective way to support deaf and hard of hearing customers.

What is the perfect communication scenario? We believe the answer is always direct communication. That’s why CSD is creating and deploying innovative solutions that reduce the dependency on third party communication facilitators in favor of direct services to deaf and hard of hearing people.

Direct services is a win-win-win situation. CSD is able to deliver solutions with our technology infrastructure, contact center experience and marketing reach within the deaf and hard of hearing community while creating much-needed jobs for underemployed deaf and hard of hearing individuals. It’s a powerful opportunity for organizations looking to increase customer satisfaction and grow a loyal service base.

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