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Solutions for deaf business owners,

By Deaf Experts.

With CSD Professional Services, you get direct access to Deaf experts. That means zero communication barriers, and more time for you to get down to business.

Project-based and long term solutions for businesses, institutions, and organizations, directly in ASL.

Quality services designed just for you, by people who understand your business needs.

Human Resources

Policies, paperwork, personnel, and payroll — explained by humans, for humans.

IT Services

Data security, network infrastructure, which platforms to use? ASL us anything.

Finance & Accounting

They say math is a language. We say finance makes more sense in sign language.

Marketing & Communications

From websites to social media to graphic design and more, we’ll help translate your vision — no interpreters required.


Staff training? Employee onboarding? We’ll create resources for you, designed by experts in Deaf pedagogy.

Want to learn more about our services?

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Power up the Deaf Ecosystem

With CSD Professional Services you’ll get quality service, direct communication without the hassle, and feel good about being you. That’s not just good business — it’s a community win.

Maleni Chaitoo

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