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Investigating Barriers to Deaf Employment

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Deaf in Military

Deaf people can’t enlist in the military because they aren’t able to pass the physical requirement of being able to hear beyond a certain threshold. CSD continues to investigate barriers to deaf employment.

Deaf in TSA

Deaf people are prohibited from being Transportation Security Officers, though the career would otherwise seem uniquely suited for them. Today, the Department of Homeland Security requires Transportation Security Officer applicants to pass a hearing test.

Deaf Truck & Bus Drivers

Did you know that there were no Deaf commercial truck drivers before 2012? Anyone wanting to drive a commercial truck or passenger bus must have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates CDLs.

Deaf Aircraft Pilot

Rhulin lost his pilot’s license in ‘47. The rise of radio communications meant Rhulin and generations of Deaf pilots that followed him were excluded from flying many types of planes, because they could not use radio equipment on planes.

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