New Zealand Video Interpreting Service

About VIS

VIS provides free video interpreting services in New Zealand sign language to facilitate phone calls and in‑person meetings for Kiwis. Video interpreting allows for communication access, no matter where you live. This service is beneficial for Deaf, hearing impaired, speech-disabled and hearing New Zealanders.

Our Process

New Zealand is a multiethinic country, influenced by its unique environment and rich culture. We worked with a focus group to incorporate both Deaf and Maori influences to create this impactful logo.

About the logo

We were influenced by the sign for “video phone” or “video conference” in New Zealand Sign Language. We coupled that with the koru, a symbol often used in Maori art to represent creation. The mark is indicative of greater access to video communication through VIS within the entire country.

Watch video below about Our Case Study: Branding Through the Deaf Lens