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We are working hard to build One World where everyone succeeds. Getting involved is the first step to making the biggest changes. Learn how you can help make this a reality

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Getting involved is the first step to creating major changes. CSD is building One World where everyone thrives. Learn how you can help make this a reality —today.

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Public policy is a driving force in our daily lives, from the way we communicate to leveraging our workplace. Make a difference through advocacy.

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Working together leads to improved communications, increased hiring of Deaf employees, greater diversity, and much more. Interested? Let’s join forces.

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CSD Public Policy

CSD has worked for over 40 years to push boundaries and reshape communication access. CSD’s ultimate vision is equality in society for people who are Deaf. To achieve that, CSD engages federal agencies and Congress to build this vision step by step. The underlying belief of CSD’s public policy activities is that the best approach is to be educated about issues in the community and come together to make a difference through public policy.

Introducing David Bahar

David is the CSD Director of Public Policy, bringing over 14 years of experience in public policy and government affairs.

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