Meet the Face of CSD, Gabriel “Gab” Silva

Meet the Face of CSD, Gabriel “Gab” Silva


Throughout history, Deaf people have been marginalized. It has been said that there is a “hearing world” and a “deaf world”. We at CSD no longer believe in this separation: we all belong to One World which everybody contributes to, shares, and lives in. In this One World, you are the change.

“Without you, there’s no us. Without us, there’s no we.”

– Gabriel “Gab” Silva

Gab represents the One World that we are working towards: Vibrant, soulful, compassionate, and inquisitive!

“Growing up, I felt like I never belonged. 

“I am half Puerto Rican and half Cape Verdean; I am half Latinx and half Black. On the Puerto Rican side of family, I felt less belonging because I don’t speak Spanish. On the Cape Verdean side of family, I felt less belonging because my skin color was light.

“When I became Deaf* at age 2, doctors told my parents not to teach me Spanish because learning three languages (Spanish, English, and ASL) would “confuse” me. My identity as a Deaf person isn’t clear cut – I’m somewhere in between. 

“I am queer. Some days I’m masculine. Some days I add a touch of femininity. Some days I express myself as in drag. I am a proud human being, and even prouder of my gender flexibility. Furthermore, I’m a father of an amazing, loving, and delightful son!

“29 years later, I’ve found my light and embrace who I am today. All the festive labels aside, just call me Gab!”

The Face of CSD, Gabriel “Gab” Silva

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