*This hotline does not give medical advice. The agents taking your call have no medical training. If you’re calling because you’re sick, call 911 or your primary care physician.


Helpful COVID-19 links for the deaf community 

COVID-19 Communication Card for D/HH

Illustration of four communication cards with the headers "Deaf & Hard of Hearing Info - Coronavirus;" "How Do You Feel?"; "Situation, History & Symptoms"; "Preferred Method of Communication"; "How Long Have You Had Symptoms"; and "Treatment & Care."

Bring this communication card with you to the doctor’s office if you’re feeling unwell. For DeafBlind COVID-19 Communication Card download here. (Developed by the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

Educational Materials from CSD

This toolkit provides support for teaching about specific career tracks and answering student questions about pursuing careers in these STEM fields and career preparation.

Through exposure to real-world deaf or hard of hearing STEM professionals and their journeys, students can gain fuller understanding of pathways from STEM subjects to STEM careers.

This toolkit provides elementary school teachers with support for teaching about bacteria, viruses, and immunology, the crucial STEM foundational concepts related to the field, along with exposing students to the everyday life of a deaf or hard of hearing STEM professional.

Through exposure to real-world deaf or hard of hearing STEM professionals and their journeys, students can gain fuller understanding of pathways from STEM subjects to STEM careers.


During this pandemic, businesses and organizations are finding ways to support people with their services. This is a list of services available to deaf/HH people. 

National Deaf Therapy Logo

National Deaf Therapy has online therapy sessions in ASL.

Linguabee Logo

Linguabee will provide you free VRI if you need to go to the hospital for a COVID-19 test.

Media Accessibility

Photograph of a man giving a speech at a podium. There is an ASL interpreter on his left, and three other individuals standing behind him.

Read open letters to the White House and the media, asking for ASL interpreters for COVID-19 coverage.

Articles from CSD

Community Building


Unites Foundation COVID-19 Micro-Grant Recipients

The Unites Foundation is proud to support non-profit organizations that have been impacted by COVID-19. This includes organizations that are currently struggling with resources, funding shortages, or adapting their services in response to the pandemic. This week, CSD announced the six organizations within the deaf community that will receive these micro-grants to support their efforts.

Press Release


Deaf Community Creates New Solutions for Misinformation, Isolation During Pandemic

From White House press briefings where top officials offer contradictory advice to social media feeds riddled with incorrect or competing information, the coronavirus pandemic has become a communications challenge as much as a health care crisis. For those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, the problem is made worse by a lack of resources at every level of government, as well as within the healthcare system, according to Chris Soukup, CEO of Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD). To this day, he said, there are no language interpreters at White House press briefings. "We've seen a lot of mayors, a lot of governors that have included that practice momentarily and have been very responsive," Soukup told Cheddar. "We've had some challenges in creating that same awareness in the White House."

Learn more about DDBHH Experience with Telehealth and complete survey

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