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Sharing Important Information about COVID-19 in ASL

DPAN.TV The Sign Language Channel
Text "Live in ASL: White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing. 32:08:28" over an image of the White House

LIVE IN ASL: White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefings by DPAN.TV

The Daily Moth Logo is in the top left corner, with the text "Coronavirus" across the front. Alex from the Daily Moth is on the right side of the image signing "Coronavirus." The background is a zoomed in illustration of a virus.

The Daily Moth’s Coronavirus Updates on DPAN.TV

Text reading "Interviews with deaf medical professionals about COVID-19" The background features illustrated viruses.

Interviews with Deaf Medical Professionals by DPAN.TV

Text reads "Coronavirus Community Videos." In the background are illustrations of a virus.

Coronavirus Community Videos on DPAN.TV

Community Videos In ASL Highlights

Flattening the Curve

NowThis with ASL

What is COVID-19?

The Daily Moth

COVID-19 ASL Playlist

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dr. Michael McKee Explains Coronavirus

Interviews with Deaf Medical Professionals


Zoom screen with representatives from Gallaudet, the NAD, and CSD

Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis Panel

Gallaudet University

COVID-19 and Immunity


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