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ASL Now COVID-19 Hotline

Got questions? Call our hotline using ASL Now or VP (833) 682-7630.

*This hotline does not give medical advice. The agents taking your call have no medical training. If you’re calling because you’re sick, call 911 or your primary care physician.

* Can’t use ASL Now? See what’s combinable.

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What is Coronavirus / COVID-19?

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

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Tips For Working From Home (WFH)

In the past few years, an increasing number of companies have experimented with allowing employees to telework or work from home, at least once a week. Little did we expect the transformation that has occurred over the past few weeks. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced all but the most essential businesses and services to close their physical facilities, requiring many employees to work from home.  

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Why Covid-19 is so dangerous for older adults

Craig Radford, the director of Connect Direct, a subsidiary of Communication Service for the Deaf, told CNN that his organization had created a dedicated "ASL Now" hotline for deaf people to get answers to commonly asked coronavirus questions. "We provide answers from reputable sources like the IRS, CDC [and] local government to answer their questions, and we provide them in American Sign Language instead of written English," Radford said. "We have to update the source daily, staff the representatives, and provide a hotline number. We have received hundreds of calls in just 10 days of launch." Now, that data, along with emerging research from Italy — the second-most-affected country in the world — is showing just how dangerous Covid-19 is for older people, and others with with heart, lung, and immunological conditions.

COVID-19 Communication Card for DDBHH

State by State Restriction Map was created by a team of data scientists, engineers, and designers in partnership with epidemiologists, public health officials, and political leaders to help understand how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect their region.

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