We’re out to reinvent communication access for all deaf and hearing people in our lifetime. Come change the world with us.


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Do fun stuff.

CSD does really cool, really important work. For the last 40 years, we’ve championed equal access for the deaf and hard of hearing – and we’ve worked hard to develop innovative technology that changes the way the deaf community interacts with the world.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done and are looking for the next generation of team members to take us even further.

Make a difference.

CSD isn’t for everyone. But if you’re committed to working hard and making a difference — all while maintaining a positive work/life balance and having a lot of fun along the way—then CSD may be the place for you.

Leave a legacy.

CSD offers two robust employee benefits packages to take care of our employees both in and out of work. You learn more about that on the right.

That’s the boring stuff.

The fun stuff is what you’ll remember 20 years from now — the opportunity to work on life-changing products influencing the global community and the ability to work with team members who are passionate, dedicated, and inspired by their work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is CSD located?
CSD is headquartered in beautiful Austin, Texas. Not all our employees want boots and a cowboy hat, so you can also find us in locations around the country — even in Auckland, New Zealand!

How do I get a job at CSD?
1. Be awesome. 2. Want to do amazing things. 3. Review the positions listed here and apply directly on the website.

Can deaf people work at CSD?
Absolutely! Jobs for the deaf are one of our big priorities. CSD hires and promotes employability of the deaf whenever possible.


Can hearing people work at CSD?
Absolutely! Even though CSD is primarily a deaf organization, we have numerous hearing colleagues in various locations and job functions. For example, our Austin office is about 50 percent hearing and 50 percent deaf or hard of hearing.

What if I don’t know sign language?
While we don’t expect applicants to show up knowing ASL, a sincere desire to communicate with everyone here is required.

I’ve already applied, now what?
Most big companies use computers or robots to review job applications. At CSD, every application is reviewed by a member of the HR team to see how the candidate stacks up against all others who have applied. The candidates who best match our needs for the role will be contacted by a recruiter or a member of the selection team to set up an interview.