The Deaf community isn’t in one city, one state, or even one country.

We’re not in a single office, building, or even online only. Our community is everywhere we are — and that is where CSD is, too.

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CSD became a virtualized company in July 2016. Our employees are connected, communicating, and working together from all over the world.

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That’s right. CSD is everywhere.

That means we’re in Austin, Denver, Washington, D.C., and even New Zealand. CSD employees have the freedom to live and work wherever they want, whenever they want. It’s the end of tedious morning commutes and typical 9-to-5 workdays.

Read CEO and President Chris Soukup’s announcement about CSD’s virtualization.

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By going virtual, CSD now can hire the best talent out there, no matter where they want to live.

That means that every employee who works for CSD has the same experience and opportunities to produce results and contribute — even if they’re thousands of miles away.

CSD employees are leaders. By going virtual, we’re able to keep them exactly where they need to be: in their own communities. By keeping leaders in place, we keep our Deaf communities strong. We stay connected through cutting edge communication technology and by keeping our mission firmly in focus.

Decentralizing CSD’s operations geographically allows us to widen our reach. Together, we are strengthening our communities and changing the world.

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