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Because communication connects people.

Since 1975, we’ve worked to empower Deaf and hearing people so that they succeed, together.

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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community

Empower your Students

Teaching your Deaf students about personal finance? Use our free Toolkits to prepare for class instruction!

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Build your Business

Expand your business with CSD SVF. We have the resources you need to grow to the next level!

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Join our Team

We’re always looking for fun and talented people to join our community.

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Hire Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employees

Use our free eGuides to help create an inclusive and communication-friendly environment where everyone thrives.

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Enhance your Students’ Experiences

Download our free, deaf-friendly Toolkits, and start using them in your classroom right away.

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Improve your Customer Service Experience

93% of deaf customers agree: we want customer service in ASL. Does your business offer this service, or are you leaving an $86B market untapped?

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CSD is a constellation of companies that provide products, programs, and services that are designed to create opportunities for deaf people to succeed.

We believe that success, however one chooses to define it, fosters change in public perception about who deaf people are and what they are capable of contributing to society. We also believe that disability is diversity and that deaf identities should be valued and celebrated as a condition of being that adds color and texture to our world.

Chris Soukup, CEO of CSD

Chris Soukup
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