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Who We Are

We are changing the conversation on Deaf people away from misconceptions, and towards authenticity.

With a $15,000 grant in 1975, CSD began providing sign language services in Sioux Falls, SD, from a broom closet.

CSD quickly expanded to multiple programs and services designed to provide communication and access points for Deaf people. Programs and services included job placement and training, adult basic education classes, and domestic violence support, along with telecommunication relay services, video relay services, and then video remote interpreting. Today, CSD continues this influential ambition of ensuring equality among all people — in One World.

By creating innovative tools and resources that empower, promote, and encourage One World where everyone is valued with opportunities for everyone, we are actualizing the future. CSD invests in the community by sparking the inner light of each individual, bringing them together to create a bright future.

Timeline: 40+ Years of CSD